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SOILTECH is a family owned company committed to Innovative, Sustainable and high-quality Agricultural Products for farmers worldwide and is a part of the Jai Auto Group. SOILTECH is a leader in agricultural product manufacturing industry with next-generation mechanical & technological engineering practices for new and retrofit products. We manufacture high-performance products (Harvesters & farming equipment) that reduce operating costs while providing efficient output quality in agriculture industry.
SOILTECH is best known for its sustainable agricultural products. Our commitment to sustainable agricultural implements and good business practices is evident in new standards defined by our leadership. These standards include high-performance agricultural products that are efficient, environmentally friendly, and efficient in terms of fuel, user friendly and easy to operate.
Since its beginnings (41 years ago), the company has grown from a small, single-office cum workshop to a Top 5 agricultural products manufacturer and exporters of India. This growth process has brought ample change, but the cornerstone commitments have remained the same: Integrity, Safety, Quality and Performance.


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With SOILTECH agri implements requirement, we want to help farmers to produce more, yield extra and reduce their cost.


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"Agriculture is the strong pillar of the Indian economy. However, due to lack of modern equipment, technical know-how, our farmers are suffering. There is a dire need of structured agri implement manufacturer in India. That's how SOILTECH came into existence. With SOILTECH agri implements requirement, we want to help farmers to produce more, yield extra and reduce their cost.

Besides being determined to provide high-quality farm solutions, we are dedicated to providing responsive customer support to our clients. We follow world-class practices, at the same time we stay abreast of the latest upgrades and inventions in the industry. We are determined to leave no stone unturned on this incredible journey to help the farmers to get the best results."

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